Everyone, everywhere has a story and if you are willing to listen they are willing to share. Our stories are deeply intertwined and every person that crosses my path adds to my story another clue to the puzzle we call life. I continue to enjoy every moment of this adventure and grow through my experiences.

My journey started in Chicago, Illinois where I was born a daughter to two North Indian parents. The adventure had begun, I was a first generation Indian American raised in a traditional Indian household trying to figure out who, what, where, how this all fits together. I resisted my Indian culture as a child due to lack of understanding but grew to appreciate and embrace it more than I could ever imagine. I was blessed with a family who exposed me to the beauty and traditions of the Hindu and Sikh cultures and allowed me the freedom to explore the American culture. What resulted was a life full of color, questions, and adventure.  I didn't know it then but everything I was doing was leading me to this point. I played sports and loved to run, it became my meditation but also an attachment. A knee injury forced me to venture out and lead me to my first Yoga class in Sacramento, Ca. After a heart opening experience in Ustrasana, I was set on a path to discovering the secrets of this sacred practice. My spirit for healing and to be of service lead me to LA to  pursue further education and a career in Public Health.

In 2004 I traveled to Mumbai, India to work with a KSWA a health center serving the slums of Mumbai. It was here I encountered a classical form of yoga practice and began studying at the The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, with Dr. Jayadeva and Hansaji Yogendra. I discovered a yoga which was deeper than asanas; it was yoga of the inner spirit and devotion. After spending 6 months in India, I returned home to California and began teaching in my hometown of Milpitas, Ca. In 2005 I attended Greenpath Yoga to further my studies in yoga. Since then I have continued to seek, search, and learn as much as I can, from everyone that comes into my life, I have exposed myself to various forms of teachings in yoga and health.

Some of my inspirations have been teachings from Shiva Rea, David Lurey, Janet Stone, and Stephanie Snyder, my  family,  friends and nature, and travels, and you.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

ritu riyat